About SmartMoves.Life

This is a great time to be alive!

Technology including the internet has created unprecedented opportunities in many areas of life including:

  • Income - We no longer have to trade time for money & we can work at the pace that suits us, which gives us the flexibility to focus on our true priorities.
  • Personal Development - We have access to a wealth of self-education resources as vehicles for success, fulfilment and contribution in the world.
  • Health & Fitness - Making this a top priority means we can be outside in the daylight and have the availability to join social sports and classes at any time!
  • Social - We can build relationships and have fun in exciting new ways such as working on projects together, co-workations and themed events, based on our passions.
  • Lifestyle - We don't need to take a traditional holiday because we've built a lifestyle that we don't need to take a break from!
  • Emotions - We can take responsibility for managing our emotional state and relationships with others with mindful living.

If you relate to any / all of these statements then you are on a similar path to me! Check back on the site from time to time as I share the best resources I find on these subjects. Also, you can stay in touch with a community of like-minded people by connecting via any / all the options below:

Christian Fernandez - Founder of SmartMoves.Life

All the best!

Christian Fernandez