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The Best Personal Finance Audiobooks

Here’s our pick of the best audiobooks about personal finance. Learn about budgeting, saving money, making more money and investing from top experts including Ray Dalio, Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey, Tim Ferriss and Warren Buffett:

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Best Personal Finance Audiobooks
Principles Audiobook


Life and Work

Ray Dalio manages one of the biggest hedge funds in the world and has provided consistent positive results for his clients and himself year after year. Ray has done this by carefully observing the important patterns in life and business and honing his handling of these events to get world class results. Principles is his distillation these valuable life lessons.

Author: Ray Dalio   Length: 16 hrs 3 mins   Released: 19/09/2017   Reviews

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Money Master the Game Audiobook

Money Master the Game

7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Tony Robbins leveraged his considerable influence to interview the world’s top performers in finance. Tony asks them incisive questions to get clear about how to be successful with money today. He summarises the advice in clear actionable steps and makes sure that everyone can benefit, right from people in debt through to millionaires. The book includes specific portfolio allocations designed for top performance and stability.

Author: Tony Robbins   Length: 21 hrs 3 mins   Released: 18/11/2014   Reviews

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Total Money Makeover Audiobook

Total Money Makeover

A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Dave Ramsay provides a straightforward step by step plan to get out of debt and financially prosperous. Dave uses relatable real life examples, providing great motivation to take action and get the results you want.

Author: Dave Ramsey   Length: 3 hrs 41 mins   Released: 07/11/2003   Reviews

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The 4 Hour Work Week Audiobook

The 4 Hour Work Week

Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere & Join the New Rich

Tim Ferriss illustrates how the modern world provides us with unprecedented opportunity. He shows how you to completely reorganise your life to have more time and less stress by leveraging the internet, the gig economy, location independence and other emerging trends.

Author: Timothy Ferriss   Length: 13 hrs 1 min   Released: 18/12/2009   Reviews

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Audiobook

Rich Dad Poor Dad

What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money

Robert Kiyosaki teaches you key concepts about finance that you wish you learnt at school! He illustrates how many people spend beyond their means without realising it. He also draws your attention to the concept of owning businesses rather that working for one!

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki   Length: 6 hrs 9 mins   Released: 15/06/2012   Reviews

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The Warren Buffett Way Audiobook

The Warren Buffett Way

3rd Edition

Warren Buffet is widely recognised as one of the best investors of all time. This book provides a detailed analysis of his strategies, based on understanding the business, value buying then improving the performance of the company and stock.

Author: Robert Hagstrom   Length: 10 hrs 31 mins   Released: 30/09/2013   Reviews

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The Millionaire Next Door Audiobook

The Millionaire Next Door

The Surprising Secrets of America’s Rich

Find out who the rich in America are, what they do, how they got rich and how they invest their money. Acquire the knowledge and mind-set required to become wealthy.

Author: Thomas J. Stanley   Length: 8 hrs 21 mins   Released: 27/10/2000   Reviews

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Think and Grow Rich Audiobook

Think and Grow Rich

Original Version

Napoleon Hill interviewed over 500 of America’s most successful people over the course of 20 years and distilled their experience into a practical and inspiring road map for achieving your goals.

Author: Napoleon Hill   Length: 10 hrs 24 mins   Released: 18/02/2013   Reviews

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The Intelligent Investor Audiobook

The Intelligent Investor

Revised Edition

Benjamin Graham teaches long term investing techniques designed to provide solid and stable returns. This edition has been updated by Jason Zweig, a respected financial journalist, to take into account the characteristics of modern financial markets.

Author: Benjamin Graham   Length: 17 hrs 48 mins   Released: 07/07/2015   Reviews

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The Magic of Thinking Big Audiobook

The Magic of Thinking Big

David Schwartz provides clear advice to improve the way you think, work better, manage people, earn more, achieve your goals and live a better life.

Author: David J. Schwartz   Length: 4 hrs 10 mins   Released: 28/02/2003   Reviews

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Unshakeable Audiobook


Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Tony Robbins teams up with top financial advisor Peter Mallouk to create a financial freedom playbook including: An action plan for financial freedom, top investment strategies, improved retirement conditions and how to maximise upside whilst minimising risk.

Author: Tony Robbins   Length: 7 hrs 21 mins   Released: 28/02/2017   Reviews

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You Are a Badass at Making Money Audiobook

You Are a Badass at Making Money

Master the Mindset of Wealth

Jen Sincero provides an irreverent and entertaining pep-talk to help you sweep away the mental block that have stopped you from making the big money you deserve!

Author: Jen Sincero   Length: 6 hrs 59 mins   Released: 18/04/2017   Reviews

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The Richest Man In Babylon Audiobook

The Richest Man In Babylon

Original Edition

The classic Richest Man in Babylon gives financial advice through a collection of short stories about thrift, financial planning and personal wealth, set in ancient Babylon.

Author: George S. Clason   Length: 4 hrs 1 min   Released: 03/07/2017   Reviews

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The Go-Giver Audiobook

The Go-Giver

A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea

The Go-Giver tells the story of a man who realises that to have exceptional success you need to behave in an exceptional way. He meets a series of inspiring characters whose unifying characteristic is that they are focussed much more on giving that getting!

Author: Bob Burg   Length: 2 hrs 54 mins   Released: 07/10/2015   Reviews

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Market Wizards Audiobook

Market Wizards

Interviews with Top Traders

Jack D. Schwager interviews top traders including Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis and Paul Tudor Jones to establish the key knowledge that sets them apart from average investors. Includes insider stories from the world of finance and trading.

Author: Jack D. Schwager   Length: 12 hrs 12 mins   Released: 21/03/2013   Reviews

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The Little Book of Common Sense Investing Audiobook

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, explains why index investing is the smart choice: It includes the benefits of diversification and, combined with the long term approach, takes a lot of the stress out of investing.

Author: John C. Bogle   Length: 5 hrs 7 mins   Released: 20/02/2007   Reviews

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Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits Audiobook

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

Philip Fisher is one of the most influential investors of all time. Warren Buffet endorses this book as an invaluable tool to understand companies and make smart investments.

Author: Philip A. Fisher   Length: 3 hrs   Released: 27/04/2001   Reviews

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Tax-Free Wealth Audiobook

Tax-Free Wealth

How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes

Tom Wheelwright gives you the insights into tax than enable you to grow your business income and legally reduce the tax you pay.

Author: Tom Wheelwright   Length: 7 hrs 29 mins   Released: 29/01/2013   Reviews

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Set for Life Audiobook

Set for Life

Dominate Life, Money, and the American Dream

Scott Trench provides you with a plan to escape from trading time for money. He teaches you how to save money while still enjoying life and how to acquire assets that will provide you the income so you can live on your own terms.

Author: Scott Trench   Length: 8 hrs 24 mins   Released: 04/05/2017   Reviews

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The Simple Path to Wealth Audiobook

The Simple Path to Wealth

Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life

JL Collins provides a series of financial life lessons including: The importance of having f-you money, understanding why the stock market always goes up and what real financial independence look like.

Author: JL Collins   Length: 6 hrs 38 mins   Released: 27/06/2017   Reviews

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Enjoy the audiobooks and good luck with your personal finances!