The Best Audiobook Platforms & Free Trials

Our favorite audiobook platforms are Amazon (Audible) and Both get you off to a great start with a free trial: Amazon gives you 2 free audiobooks to keep, even after the trial has ended. also gives you a free audiobook to keep.

Here’s a summary:

Amazon (Audible)
Free Trial Duration 1 Month 1 Month
Included in Free Trial 2 Free Audiobooks to Keep 1 Free Audiobook to Keep
Cost per month after trial $14.95 $14.95
Can you cancel without
getting charged anything?
Yes Yes
Additional Info Largest selection of audiobooks Over 100k audiobooks
Get Free Audiobooks Amazon Free Trial Audiobooks Free Trial

You can try them both free for a month with no obligation: So you can get 3 audiobooks of your choice to keep, instantly and completely free: Enjoy!

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